Review Policy

Thank you for visiting my blog. I am honored you are even considering me as a reviewer for your book and every request is always appreciated.

Please note that this is blog is ran by, well, me and only me, and though I am a fast reader (like really fast), I do pace myself, specially with books that put me on the wringer.
With that said, I do love to read and every spare time I have is spent inside books; during the commute, while traveling, on a long drive, etc.
Please make sure you read my policy below prior to sending a review request.
I am currently OPEN to review requests, however, I am also part of several author groups in which I have already given my commitment to review when their books are ready for release. Please note that every request may not be granted due to time constraints. I will make it clear if I cannot provide a review in time once you submit a request as I understand that it is a commitment in itself and that reviews are very important for authors.
Genres I read:
-          Fiction
o   Romance
§  Dark
§  Suspenseful
§  Paranormal
§  Fantasy
§  Historical
§  Contemporary
§  Rom-coms
§  Taboo (yes, I love taboo books)
o   YA
§  Contemporary
§  Dystopian
§  Fantasy
-          Non-fiction
o   Seriously picky when it comes to this, I like reading about ones that involve the following:
§  Biographies of serial killers
§  Historical context
§  Psychological books
Formats I Accept:
-          Digital (Kindle - .mobi format)
-          Physical (Paperback)
-          Audiobooks
Please include the following information in your review requests:
-          Synopsis/Blurb
-          Release Date
-          Relevant info about why you believe this book will fit the type of books this blog is geared towards
-          Timeframe
Process of Reviews Accepted:
As stated above, if I approve a request provided that a timeframe is provided to me, I will post the review on my blog, my Amazon profile (upon release, of course), and Goodreads. I will also update through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram that a review has been posted).
I reserve the right to not post my review of the work if I do not feel comfortable doing so. I always make it a point not to post anything if I find the book to be two stars or less as I understand not all books fit everyone and I would not want to post that. However, I will e-mail the requestor with my review if it is within this range.
Please note that my reviews are 100% my opinion and do understand that just because I was sent a copy for a review does not equate to glowing reviews. I will always state my opinions on every single book I read. As stated above, if I find that my review would fall under three star reviews, I will not post it on my site out and will post on Goodreads and Amazon a week after release date, out of respect for the craft. I do understand that not everyone’s opinion is similar.
Where to send review requests:
Please send to
I am not paid to review or read. This blog was solely created to share my love for books and the creative minds that borne them. Please don’t take to heart if I can or cannot accept your request. Just because your request for a book was previously denied does not mean another request for a different one will be. I know exactly the importance of deadlines and being that I work and am in school full time means that my schedule can get packed. If I cannot accept your request, it will, most of the time, be because of time constraints.


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