Review: Tattered by Melody Anne

We’ve seen Kaden and Miranda’s side

Now its Mason’s turn. We get to see more of Mason and Miranda’s past: his beginning, their beginning, their lives, and their end. Nothing is kept hidden between the pages of their story from Mason’s POV. We get to see the nitty-gritty, the secrets, we get to delve deeper into the hints from the first book, and we get to see how being in love can consume and how one can grow from being in love to love.

Reading this, my heart hurt. It’s not easy witnessing the dissolution of one’s marriage, whether its fictional or not and this, written with just the perfect amount of emotion, of realness, was heartbreaking. I felt hurt for Mason and the struggles he went through by himself and with Miranda. No marriage is perfect, by any means and certainly not theirs but Tattered reveals the depth in which a marriage with love can dissolve into memories.

I enjoyed seeing his growth as well as his side of the events that unfolded in book 1. I loved witnessing his motions of facing doubts, of indecision, insecurities and what not and the fact that this story was written so realistically, it could be happening to you or someone you know.

Melody Anne introduces us to a story of growth, of changes, of marriage and what can happen to one over time.

This story isn’t here to make you condone the actions of these three. It’s here to bear witness and not to convince.

It pulls you in. I was hooked, dying to see how these three can move on from all the events of the first book. There is no conclusion though, and I guess that’s where I felt it was lacking.



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