Review: Expire by Erin Noelle (Duet - Book 1)


Can we take a moment to admire the cover? I mean, it just describes this book to a T.

This is Book 1 of a duet by Erin Noelle and the first of her books I’ve ever read, and I loved it.

The plot is so unique. Unbelievably so. How would you handle knowing that you are privy to the exact dates everyone around you dies and yet you are powerless to stop it?

This is Lyra’s life. Due to this, she has lived a life of recluse, hiding behind her camera to avoid people at all costs.
That is, until Tavian.

Their story is sweet. It builds up as these two navigate the waters of letting each other into their lives. How do you learn to love someone, knowing that that person dies at an exact day?

From their first meeting, Tavian knew Lyra was special, and he embraced that. He just knew.

That ending though! Wow! I wasn’t expecting that.

This book is about self discovery. Its about adventure, friendship, growth with lust, chemistry, and differing emotions in between. I loved Tavian, he couldn’t be any more perfect for Lyra.

If you love a story where love builds from a connection so strong, it couldn’t be denied, then I do recommend this.

It has a hint of mystery, lots of heat and most importantly, lots of feelings.



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