Review: Coach Long by K. Webster


Coach Long is one of the books I’ve been waiting since I saw glimpses of them in other K. Webster taboo treats. Granted, its not as taboo as her other books but dang it, that woman can write an explicitly forbidden romance like no other.

This book is H-O-T-T-T!!!

This is Coach Long and River’s story. She is a newly accepted student in the school he coaches in and he is, well, he is her coach, trainer, etc (in the track). The attraction was instantaneous and fiery and I loved every second of it.

Some of the scenes here would make grown men blush. Kristi sure knows how to write them real hot.

Again, not as taboo or as crazily forbidden like some of her books but still has that element of the forbidden that adds just a hint of wow…

I enjoyed this read (as I always do when it comes to her books) and can’t wait for the next time she decides to take us down the rabbit hole once again…



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