Review: Brock by Dani Rene


This is an unconventional story about love.

It is about love.
It is about being in-love.
It is about growing in-love.

This story is not your typical romance but it is a romance.

Brock and Ethan has always shared a connection no one in their family has. They have been each other’s rock at every moment in their lives and they have always witnessed each other’s life, the past, the present, the pain and the sorrow. This formed a bond between them that, I believe, nothing can really break.

Dani has written such a masterful story of two individuals who’s love for each other knows no bounds or judgements. Their feelings have been growing and all it took was one push for them to delve into what they’ve always known was between them.

Camila’s entry into their world was just the perfect piece they were looking for. She completes them as they each do for her. They each complement the other in individually different ways which worked perfectly for such an unconventional relationship.

But when its love.


Now let's talk about why I love this story. I loved it because through every scene, love is felt. I loved it for its underlying theme of love being open to anything, with no judgements or rules. I loved the romance it contained, the feelings it evoked and just the story in itself.

To me, this is the epitome of what a love story is.



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