Review: What He Always Knew by Kandi Steiner

And here we are...

The conclusion to this epic triangle.

With baited breath, I flipped the page and dove back into the lives of Charlie, Reese, and Cameron...

add another person that complicates things and we have an explosion of feelings: hurt. anger, lust, pain, love, temptation, sin.

I really got to see Cameron's side in this book, his past, his challenges, and his struggles. I felt for him. A lot. His love for Charlie is immeasurable and it can be felt through every action and word.

I felt their struggles with each other, the constraints of society while keeping the secrets hidden from family and friends.

That ending...

It was amazing.



I loved their story, their whole story, from the beginning to the end. The realistic aspect of this duet is amazing.

It talks of temptation, of that saying that grass is greener on the other side. It tells of the struggles in a marriage, the confusion, and the question of "Is love enough?" gets asked time and time again.

I loved witnessing their struggles, seeing how they've reached where they are in life, and the confusion they find themselves in.

One thing's for sure.

the ending is amazing!


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