Review: Wanting Mr. Cane by Shanora Williams

"Even though I knew the consequences...I was tempted to make him sin all over again."
Wow! Shanora Williams has done it once again. Wanting Mr. Cane is an explicitly taboo story about a young woman and her dad's honorary brother (I say that because they aren't just friends, they eclipsed that point a while back). It is an emotionally charged story of a connection so deep and so real that from the very beginning, from their encounter, you feel it.

I love Kandy and Cane's story so much! It was heartbreaking at times, scorching hot at others. The characters are in depth, their feelings and wants are evident. The relationships that tie each person to another in this book plays a huge part in the beauty of their story. Everyone played a role in each others growth and it's amazing to see.

The issue stemming from the attraction between two people that are forbidden makes this book intriguing. The way they face the issues, whether giving in to temptation or fighting it, was amazingly described. 

I felt for Kandy. She had a hard time first understanding what the pull she felt towards Can was, but she is brave enough to follow through with what she wants. On the other hand, Cane's torment was evident throughout the whole story, he wavered between standing firm against what he knows is acceptable and giving in to what he feels is right.

This story hits all the right spots for me, all the feels, all the struggles, the heartache and the heat.. It feeds my taboo-wanting heart that looks for the conflict within the forbidden aspect of every book. Wanting Mr. Cane is such a seriously amazing book, I can't wait to see what happens next. The anxiety is killing me.


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