Review: Survival of the Richest by Skye Warren

This book contains such an interesting look into the lives of the rich and famous. It's full of the pitfalls involved in being born into the life and the consequences money can bring.

Skye Warren creates a masterful story filled with complicated characters that captivate you as much as they anger you. I loved the characters involved, Harper and Christopher and Sutton. I’m almost certain this is the first book of hers I’ve read. Her writing style is different than what I normally see, it’s distinct but it works perfectly for this story.

Those three are indescribable. They each have a connection to each other that cannot be pinpointed but can be clearly felt. They are as complex as human nature can be. Skye gives us an in depth look into Harper (story is told in her POV) and through her eyes, we get to see the life she lives (and trust me, it's seriously complicated, it’ll take a bit to get your mind wrapped around it), her undefined relationship with Christopher and her burgeoning one with Sutton.

Motives are questioned in this intricately tangled web of money, lies, and questionable actions.

I loved delving into their story. I can’t wait for the next one. This, to me, is definitely a must read.

If you love drama.
Take a glimpse into the world of the rich and famous...
Or a peek into their lives, cause trust me, everything is not always what it seems...


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