Review: Sunshine and the Stalker by K. Webster and Dani Rene

...until you're chanting my name like a prayer," he promises, causing me to blush at his filthy words.
"I'm not religious at all," I bite back as his hands find my hips.
"Today, all day, you'll find God again, and his name is James."
With that, he lifts me off the stool and walks me back to my bedroom.

Woohoo! Did it get hot in here or what? This book was all kinds of illicit goodness between a crazy sunshine and her even crazier stalker. I couldn't put it down (the only time I enjoyed riding the subway to It's a quick read involving two characters that not everyone understands but, my goodness, their chemistry is insanely hot.

I love that there is a complicated aspect to their relationship that they had to face, it gave more of a dimension to these two conflicted characters. I love that Cerys is the perfect balance of strength and vulnerability and her character is all sorts of confident as well. 

All in all, Sunshine and the Stalker is a quick, illicit, explicit story about two people who are often misunderstood. Both authors who collaborated managed to create a world without delving too deep into the background and instead, we were able to concentrate on our characters more.

I really enjoyed reading this amazing story.


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