Review: Hale by K. Webster

K. Webster amazes me in the most amazing way...

I didn't think she could have topped everything she's written before but HALE is an out-of-this-world, crazy, complicated story of epic proportions where love does conquer all. 

It conquers society's rules and judgements.
It conquers laws.

Rylie and Hudson Hale.

Two parts of a whole.
Survives tragedy.

Hale is not your average story. It is not for everyone. It takes a special reader to be able to accept and love this story. A special, open minded reader to appreciate the beauty of their story and the feelings they contain. Please, if you are not into taboo stories, please do not read this, because that ends with you bashing this story even before you can get to really dig into the story.

Rylie and Hudson are two people trapped in the lives they are born into, trapped under society's constraints of what is acceptable and what isn't. Hale is a very complicated story. It contains a love that cannot be ignored, denied, or hidden.

I loved Hale. 
Does that make me bad? No.
I love it for the story contained within it's pages. 

K. Webster has always been my go-to author for the forbidden, the taboo, the out-of-the-box stories. She is beyond amazing, specially when it comes her stories. This one is no different in its amazing quality.

Is it for everybody? No.
Is the story engaging? Hell yes.
Beautiful? Yes!
Unique? Definitely.
But if you are into a story like theirs, then yes.

Dig in. Enjoy the illicit, the unknown...


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