Review: Untimely You by K. Webster

Untimely You is such a heartwarming but heartbreaking story of two people and the hold responsibilities and guilt has on them.

Neesa and Adrian are the very definition of opposites attracting, but they complement each other so much better together.

This story has heartbreaking moments between the two characters. Let me tell you, Neesa is the most patient person I've ever known. That woman is seriously a saint. The things she endures in this book would break a grown ass man. She perseveres on, despite all that.

There are times when I felt like he didn't deserve her. Adrian has demons. Demons he has a hard time letting go of and this affects their budding relationship like no other.

I seriously wanted to slap him several times for what he's doing, even as he slowly unravels and I see the guilt and the pain he's going through.

Neesa is amazing though, with a patience of a saint, a mouth that only spouts what she's thinking, and a vivaciousness that I'm jealous of. She is the very definition of alive.
The complete opposite of how Adrian was the past several years.
I loved their story so much. It was heartwarming as it was painful but worth every page.


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