Review: Vanilla and Vice by Tabatha Vargo and Melissa Andrea

Vanilla and Vice by Tabatha Vargo and Melissa Andrea is a sensually hot story involving an addict and an angel.

Zander is as complicated as can be (love his name, BTW). He is as angelic as the devil himself. Embroiled in desires that are too illicit to mention, he faces an event that wakes him up from his downward spiral.

Until Eden.

She is his weakness. The one thing that will break through his will power, erasing all the progress he's made so far. Making him lose his grip on the control he's been working so hard for.

Eden, innocent to all of this, is shocked to find that her body reacts strongly to Zander, even when he acts like a dick to her. She is confused when she realizes that there's something about him that draws her in. Something that can only be felt but not explained.
What happens when you put in front of an addict, something/someone that can break the intervention he placed on himself?

Zander's struggles are quite evident in this one. Poor Eden feels the brunt of it, of his weakness, of his anger, of all of it.

I loved this story so much! The chemistry between these two are perfect. Their connection, unbreakable. The way they tested each other is amazing.
Eden is as strong willed as Zander is. She gives him exactly what he dishes out to her. I love that about her. Their personalities may be as opposite as night and day but I think that's what makes the both of them such amazing equals.

The heat in this one is off-the-charts, seriously!

This is really such an amazing story. I loved it!

Cant want for the next one!!!


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