Review: Torn by Melody Anne

It was about 8:18 when I got on the train this morning and decided to start reading a book. I had the chance to read Torn by Melody Anne, and, well, I am speechless.

At 10:00, I finished it. I couldn't stop reading at all. It felt like I was being pulled to witness their struggles and though I hurt, I couldn't do anything but watch how they reacted to the events that are happening in the story.

Torn is Miranda, Kaden, and Mason's story, their beginnings as well as their current situations. It is a heartbreakingly beautiful and realistic story about the struggles in marriages and how one woman deals with it. It reveals the ugly truths we don't want to accept or even acknowledge about life, changes, growth and how these affect marriages.

I loved Miranda' character. She is noticeably human and this is definitely shown throughout the story. I love the way we get to see her grow and develop as well as witness the struggles she has internally.

Most of all, I love the support system she has in her father and in Audrey. They are exactly the people she needs.

Mason' character isn't delved into too much in this book, nor is Kaden's but they both have a major effect on what Miranda goes through.

They say there are more than one side to every story.

Well, this is Miranda's side.

It's her choices, her actions, her feelings, that are described. It contains her memories and her current life and the path she took to get there. The other main characters, though not as elaborate, both offer a glimpse into each of their lives and a way to explain and/or understand why they did the choices they made.


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