Review: Torin by K. Webster

"And last night, I had to watch as my brother stuck his tongue down her throat because I couldn't. The stinging sensation of a knife through the heart still burns through me. All I could do was watch them. As he held her as though she belonged to him."

Torin by K. Webster is an interestingly descriptive story of two brothers and a young woman.

Not your typical love triangle, each of the characters fulfill a void inside the other in different ways.

Tyler and Torin are brothers. Casey is an orphaned child of an addict and was left on Christmas in a nativity setting of a church. What seems to be just an event of a baby being left is the catalyst to all that happens, though chance (or you can say fate) plays a huge part in current events.

I don't want to delve deeper into describing each characters and what makes them unique so as to not accidentally reveal spoilers but what I want to share is that this book is more than romance, it delves deeper into conditions we don't necessarily see and face unless we are in Tyler's shoes. 

K. Webster opens our eyes and broadens our horizons into understanding more and more about what makes people different.

Rarely have I ever given a three star review to a K. Webster books (yep, she is that good in the "you didn't see that one coming, did you?" way but I felt something missing from this story. Some emotion or some form of idea that it lacked and I had a hard time fully connecting with the story as a whole.

With that said, I did enjoy this story and its premise. Interestingly unique in its own sense.


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