Review: Sundays are for Hangovers by K. Webster and J.D. Hollyfield

Sundays are for Hangovers is a heart-warming and absolutely sexy story about a voluptuous DJ for a radio station and her nerdy but sinfully hot neighbor..

A light but absolutely fun read that you will enjoy. I loved their chemistry, and the fact that they burn up the pages. The supporting characters are amazing as well. Their story contains the perfect amount of heat, fun, conflict, and everything in between. Reading it made me feel light hearted and I absolutely enjoyed their story.

Lilith and Will were exactly what the other needed. As opposite as they are to each other, they also filled the other’s void, which I absolutely adored. Will can be a “tad” bit OCD and Lilith is more of a happy go lucky, stop over-thinking kinda girl.

Imagine how she rubbed him the wrong way?

Or was it really just the wrong location? 😊

The chemistry of these two were seriously out-of-this world. Lily’s personality was the perfect one to bring out Will’s and my girl is not afraid to show it.

Plus, nerdy guy with a dirty-as-sin mouth, count me in!


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