Review: Scarlet Angel by S.T. Abby (Mindf*uck Series - book 3)

To say this series is addicting is an understatement.

Scarlet Angel is the 3rd book in the Mindf*ck series by S.T. Abby... get it? S.T.Abby? I loved that...

Anyway, this starts where book 2 left off and thank God it does, because books 2 ended in a serious hook and I couldn't wait for this to see what happens.

Well, the Boogeyman definitely came to collect what he believed was his due from Logan, too bad he didn't realize he was facing not only Logan's girlfriend but also one of his un-subs.

He though Lana was a pushover, a weakling who didn't know how to fight, little did he know...

Unfortunately for Lana, or is it?, she was not the only one present when she showed her true colors to the Boogeyman. Someone else witnessed all this and now, the risk of discovery is far greater than ever before...

As the stakes increase and more and more get suspicious, can Lana stay true to her vow of vengeance or will Logan be her downfall after all?

This series is really enthralling and, as a reader, you can't help but flip the next page trying to see what'll happen next.

S.T. Abby knows exactly how to hook you in in the best way possible.

Lana isn't your typical revengeful killer. She is a disciplined one, an extremely disciplined one at that, which is why Logan and his team had such an impossible time pinning the murders to one person...

Her humanity is increasing by the second as her relationship with Logan deepens. The struggles she faces with whether to continue and risk everything or give up and gain everything is prevalent in this book and I loved seeing this in her.

You will keep guessing as you flip through the pages. Your attention will be caught and you won't get it back even til the last page.

An enthralling and mysterious read that will leave you wanting more...


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