Review: The Risk by S.T. Abby (Mindf*uck Series - book 1)

He serves justice the best he can. I serve revenge in the way it needs to be.
That quote describes this series to the T. One of the best sinister-suspenseful romances I've ever read. The banter between characters is witty, their connection is absolutely hot and strong, and the way they skirt the danger of discovery gives this story such a suspenseful edge.
An FBI Profile and a serial killer….

Can they be any more opposite???

I found this series by accident while browsing FB and just seeing the description, I knew I had to get it. I've never read a story quite like this and it is amazingly written where you are on the precipice, waiting for him to discover the truth but you are also hesitant because what will happen if he does?

Lana and Logan are both absolutely amazing characters and, in this book, we get glimpses of why Lana is the way she is. We get tiny scenes of memory just enough to infer a bit from but not enough to get the whole picture… which makes us want to keep reading to find out more.

I couldn't put this book down and even snuck in a few reading sessions between work (ssshhhhhh.....)
There's so much more to find out, so much more to figure out and the way it is written keeps you wanting more.

Plus, the heat between the characters burns constant and it burns bright.

All in all, this book is amazing..

Wait til you reach that ending


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