Review: Paint It All Red by S.T. Abby (Mindf*ck series - book 5)


Hush little baby, don’t say a word.
Mommy’s gonna buy you a mockingbird.
If that mockingbird don’t sing,
Mommy’s gonna buy you a diamond ring…
We did it.
We reached the end point.

The final chapter to this mind-boggling series that you I was dying to discover but to hesitant to do so, because that means I’d have to let go of their world. And boy, what a world it is!
We have reached the final stage of Lana and Jake’s plan.
As her world tilts on its axis and breaks, like fine pieces of glass, Lana faces the final battle that she has been preparing for, for years.
Revenge is so close, she can practically taste it.
As secrets come out into the light and the corrupt are made to burn, will these two unlikely individuals, who’ve been fighting for each other since the beginning, reach that pinnacle of happiness they’ve been aiming for? Can Lana bring herself back from the deep end she has cultivated for herself through every kill and maim and torture?
Will we see the end if this amazing duo?
How does a straight-laced FBI profiler make peace with the two sides of his beloved? Will he ever find out?
This is the epic finale that we’ve all been waiting for…
A must read for everyone! Seriously. I devoured this series (five books) in a matter of hours. They are all that good and I did not want to leave their world.
You need to read this series. You will not regret it one bit.
In fact, they will probably leave you wanting…



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