Review: One more Time by Laurelin Paige

Jenna and Tanner

A model aspiring to be an actor and one of Hollywood's biggest stars gets their second attempt at fate.

This story was heartwarming in every sense.
You can say it's an insta-love but it's more of a 'they loved each other already a decade ago before something tore them apart" kind of love.
Ten years, and I still want to kill him and fuck him all at once.
This story not only makes us delve into the lives of these famous people in Hollywood but it showcases some of the trials they face with the lack of privacy.

I loved their story and its rom-com quality. I loved the characters. There weren't too many conflicts involved but for the story itself, everything fit perfectly.
Just because Tanner encouraged me to get where I am today doesn’t mean anything. Just because I once called him home doesn’t mean there’s any place for me in his life anymore.
This is a heartwarming story about love in Hollywood and the insecurities and mistakes that they face. Plus, their chemistry is off the charts. I'll burn through the pages, scene after scene.


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