Review: I Dare You by Shantel Tessier

Wow! This is the first book by Shantel Tessier I've ever read and it is absolutely riveting.

Before anything, I would like to start talking about this cover. It seriously befits the story 100%. It conveys everything this story will deliver. The blood, the heat, the torment, and everything in between.

I have been absolutely floored by Ms. Tessier. Though the characters in the story are young, they reveal a very strong and descriptive personality of strength and they display an endurance that is as thrilling as it is scary.

I originally found out about this book through FB. Another author who excels at dark stories had posted it and from just the cover, I knew I had to read it.
I Dare You is a twisted story of love and hate with danger and intrigue intertwined.

I love how descriptive this story is, as if I could see exactly what was happening clearly. The level of violence as well as the heat is perfect, and so are the characters (both main and supporting). Both Cole and Austin reveal an in-depth look into the events that are transpiring. They have a strong love-hate relationship and a connection that is absolutely fiery. Their chemistry is off the charts intense. The fact that both characters reveal such strength within is astounding, specially with everything that is going on within this book.

Cole is as strong as he is violent and Austin is the exact pair, matching him word for word, dare for dare, strength for strength. They thrill each other equally which fuels their hatred as much as their wants. This book is intense in and of itself. It will make you question as your heart beats uncontrollably within while you read the events that are happening. Their story is filled with danger, with questions, with secrets and the feel of the illicit and you will love it immensely.

This book really made me see and question everything happening. I loved every single action, every description (both gory and not), every reasoning and every hurt. The fact that both characters are such bad-asses but also show a softer side (with a few comedic inserts) really lent such a realistic view to them.

If you like dark, violent, bloody books with strong characters you learn to start understanding, then this book is for you.

Do I recommend it? Hell yeah!
Should you read it? Hell yeah!


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