Review: Cancer and the Playboy by Zee Monodee

Cancer and the Playboy is a heartwarming story by Zee Monodee of two people who find each other by chance, but feels more like it was by fate.
This is the very first book of Zee I’ve ever read and I really enjoyed its premise. It’s interesting how you get to see into how cancer affects both love and growth within this fictional world.

Megha is a strong, independent woman who faces one of the toughest battles known to mankind because her opponent has no known set weakness. A chance encounter with one of the heirs of the conglomerate she works for strikes up an unlikely friendship with a playboy millionaire that changes her life forever.
Magnus is a playboy who was never really given a chance to prove himself by his family so instead, lives this lifestyle to the fullest.
Until that day...
Their encounter changes everything and she becomes the catalyst that makes him realize the good he is able to accomplish given the resources he is born with.
This book touches heavily on cancer and the way Zee describes the scenes to you are so realistic, you actually get to see a glimpse into what a cancer patient goes through, the slow torture, the pain, and a view into the sacrifices they face and the thoughts that break them down everyday.
Magnus is the type of man women in the real world dream about. His character is one of a fairytale prince and there is no better princess to match than her.
This is one of the sweet-type romance books with little conflict but a lot of romance intertwined.
It reminded me a lot of the fairytale Cinderella...

I did miss having to see more into their back story than just the little glimpses of it. It felt a lot like insta-love in a sense because we meet these two characters already way after their initial encounter, which, I think is initially why I didn't connect with the characters like I normally do. I was not witness to the growth of their affections towards each other.


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