Review: Bittersweet Always by Ella Fields

Ladies and Gents, Author Ella Fields has done it again...

Toby and Pippa.
Been dying to get my hands on their story since first meeting them in Suddenly Forbidden , which btw is a definite must read as well!

"Love wasn’t glorious. It was messy, unfair, and a burden at times." 

Mental illness is a sensitive subject to discuss, much less create a whole story about then to share that story with the world but Ella Fields does so with tasteful artistry and the respect and care that this subject should be treated with. Pippa and Toby's story is a complicated one. It's messy, erratic and absolutely beautiful in its realness and the love that is evident. This story not only talks about romantic love but an all encompassing love despite issues that arise within the characters. Ella Fields has this amazing talent of introducing characters that are so real and relatable, you can't help but empathize with them.

My heart broke several times while witnessing Pippa and Toby's story. It was heart wrenching and painful to see them navigate unchartered waters, trying to stay afloat in the love they have.

It was especially hard to see Pippa go through what she does in this story because when we were first introduced to her, we see her as a bad-ass, take charge person who knows what she is capable of and is not afraid of that. Seeing her struggles despite her strength was gut wrenching. Toby's as well. My heart hurt so much for him and seeing what he was going through.

Their story is beautiful and painful both at the same time and it was bittersweet when I finally finished it because I didn't want to let go of their story, but at the same time was dying to see how their story is.

Bittersweet Always is definitely a must read for everyone. 

Ella will break your heart, but she will put the pieces back together, leaving the memories between them.. She has a way with words that is indescribable (the amount of lines I've highlighted in this book is surreal but she really has an amazing way with words)

I loved this story. You will too.


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