Review: All The Lies by S.T. Abby (Mindf*ck series - book 4)

Lana's love for Logan is pure.
It transcends all for her and she risks everything for his safety.

Can we say the same for him?

Book 4 dumps Logan and his team smack into the center of where it all began, Delaney Grove.

To say the place was weird is an understatement. As hints of corruption emerge and everything is put in the line, Lana juggles being Logan's woman and the Scarlet Slayer. We are getting closer and closer to the end point of all that Lana and Jake had been working towards for years as Logan questions people around town, trying to discover what really happened and why there are signs of corruption everywhere.

Lana's identity is now at the tip of being discovered.

If and when it does, how will Logan react?

Does love really conquer all?


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