Review: El Pecador by M. Robinson

There are no words worthy enough for this book. M. Robinson has seriously outdone herself with this one. 

Damien and Amira broke my heart in El Santo (book 1), like broke it through every ups and downs, every conflict that they faced, every enemy they faced and book 2 was no different. It surpassed everything before it.

El Pecador is an emotional rollercoaster that is hard to describe, I swear M. Robinson broke my heart several times, gave me heart attacks, literally made me stop breathing. She will shock you, excite you, break you before she makes you. I cannot say enough about this book without giving away spoilers and trust me, I am dying to talk about it. This is a MUST READ for everyone. 

M. Robinson has a gift with words, she has an unparalleled talent of making you see what you are reading, feel what the characters are feeling and every other emotion in between. She is very gifted in making you feel so much pain, her books are so full of angst and all these differing emotions, you’ll be as confused and broken as these characters are. 
Damien is one of the best, if not the best, anti-hero you will ever meet. He is complicated, broken, charming as hell, and absolutely enthralling. Amira is his perfect half, she is as strong as he is, standing beside him always. 

Let’s not forget the twists and turns embedded in their story. This is a really crazy ride you will NOT want to miss.

Please, do yourself a favor and read El Santo and El Pecador.

I thought Martinez was it, but damn, Montero is unparalleled, by far.

I just finished this and I'm already dying to do a re-read..


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