Review: On The Plus Side by Tabatha Vargo

You know when they say opposites attract?

Well, that didn't happen in this case.

At least, not at their beginning.

Their start was more contractual. A business deal, if you may.

Desperation is a terrible thing. It can make one agree to despicable things. When someone holds a gun to your head, you normally don’t tell them to pull the trigger. More likely than not, you do what they say.

Devin is a hot, young man from a not-well-to-do family. His love for his family trumps everything, and when given the opportunity to save them all from ruin, he grabs it with both hands and gives it his all.

Lilly, on the other hand, is the complete opposite. She is well-to-do, though she does not like to flaunt that fact. She is independent, a hard-worker and most of all, she is lonely. See, Lilly has always been shown that if a woman is not in the single digits size, she is unwanted and she is of the plus sized variety.

I guess that’s why I loved this story so much.

When their paths cross, the process of falling in love begins. Though, both are not aware of it and even in the end, are in denial…

I really enjoyed their story. It’s a build-up of sorts. We get to experience their romance, the moment they realized they felt things deeper than just the physical. I loved that Tabatha Vargo manages to capture the beauty of being romanced, of being slowly seduced by words and actions. I have felt what Devin was talking about, how he felt. There were times it was sweet, the butterflies –in-your-belly type and then there were times of pain, the type of feeling you get when betrayal hits and all you can do is survive.

Lilly and Devin’s book is a sweet, hot, and emotional story of two people who start off on the wrong foot but somehow still manage to build a deeper connection. Their romance is written in such a heartwarming way, I loved every second. This story is a story of growth as well, a story of learning to be self-confident and accepting one’s worth.

I really really enjoyed reading about Lilly and Devin. I enjoyed being a part of their world, hearing their thoughts and experiencing their insecurities.

This story is really about love.


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