Review: El Santo by M. Robinson


It took me about 8 hours to actually manage to formulate a review and still, I'm not sure any words can do this book justice.

Monica Robinson has, once again, manage to leave me in such a heavy book funk, I don't know how to get out of it... We don't call her the Queen of Angst for nothing.
Damien is now my favorite anti-hero. I was always skeptical that anyone could match Martinez from El Diablo in my eyes, but holy hell, Damien is unparalleled. His assholish-ness (not a word but for him, we can use it) is no compare, his cunningness is awe inspiring, and his strength, heroic. Amira is his perfect match, his other half. The only one that fits his puzzle. She is strong, resilient and a fighter.
El Santo is a story of intrigue, of danger, darkness, history, lust, and love. It is all encompassing in its depth. My emotions at every single event, as I turned each page, is unexplainable. I felt EVERYTHING , literally every single emotion, most especially angst.

My heart broke time and time again, and right when I was just picking up the pieces, they shattered once again.
If you think you know where El Santo will take you, you better be effing prepared, the twists and turns will make your head spin, in a great way, as your mind and heart tries to catch up to all the feelings.

I must say, Monica Robinson outdid herself this time, and that is saying something, specially if you've read all of her previous books...

 On another note, I seriously love you, M!!! You have a gift that I will never get tired of nor stop supporting.... no one can ever evoke the pain you are capable of with just words and the worlds you create and my God, your stories are amazing!!!!!


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