Review: Unmasked - Evelyn Vox

This book, this story, is unlike anything I've ever read. The details involving the intricacies of the lives of a Dom and his sub are descriptively written. I loved getting to experience first hand Landon and Fiona's relationship, their attraction towards each other, the relationship they try to define, and the roles they play within that relationship.

 Fiona is an independent woman. I loved that about her. Her past experience has taught her that being independent and relying on herself is the only way to live and survive life.
Landon is a rich man. He's made a name for himself and he owns a lot of what Fiona values to achieve her independence, money.

When these two meet, sparks are immediate. Their attraction is mutual and the chemistry is fiery. Fiona, being the independent woman that she is tries her best to fight it. Her past helped define her beliefs and she feared the position Landon can play in untangling her safety net.

 This is where it gets even better.

 Landon brings out this need for Fiona to rely, to listen, and to obey. He is the perfect Dom to her sub, and we get to see the growth she plays in trying to understand and accept this part of her.

Unfortunately, as we all know, past experience can not only alter your beliefs but they can cause massive doubts within you. Fiona's caused distrust to grow within her, to doubt their budding relationship and to counter all that she had learned about Landon.

 Ms. Vox has once again taken me on a journey of lust, of distrust, of growth and of acceptance. I loved getting to experience everything that both characters brought to the table. She has written both Fiona and Landon in a way that makes us, the reader, see them, see their thoughts, their personalities, their beliefs. I loved getting to experience their sparring, their banter and the games they played to one-up each other.
Lust, danger, mystery and intrigue fill the pages of this book, making it one of which you will never want to put down.

 This book does end in a cliff hanger but you will want to read it and the next to see how both individuals prevail.


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