Review: Share Me: The Devil Makes Three by Evelyn Vox

Share Me: The Devil Makes Three is the first ever book by Author Evelyn Vox I've read... and I enjoyed it immensely.

The title alone evokes intrigue, the forbidden, temptation, lust, and decadence.

Here, you will get to meet Derek, Alexandra, and Brian. Three individuals that are connected by nothing other than lust and a chemistry so intense, it was unbreakable.

We don't get to see their history much, or why each character is the way they are. What we get to experience is their journey to self-discovery, their journey of fighting and giving in to the inevitable. Their story will make you question the what ifs.

Society's beliefs will be rocked to the core with this illicit story about learning ones limits and desires, giving up on the constrictions of society and loving yourself more to understand that giving in to ones desires is not bad if it doesn't hurt anyone.

I loved the story and the book as a whole and could not believe that this is Ms. Vox's debut story, but it is.

If you love reading stories with a lot of heat, illicit thrills and the danger of discovery, you will enjoy this.

However, if you are not okay with cheating in the stories you read, or hints of kink, this is not for you.


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