Review: The Wild by K. Webster


The Wild.
Let's start with the fact that this is a K. Webster novel.
No one (and I've been reading since I was in fifth grade) has surpassed K.
Webster's style of shocking you out of your comfort zone by writing absolutely engaging out-of-the-box stories that will pull you in as you stare in shock at what you just read and the fact that you absolutely loved it.

The Wild is no different in that aspect. It is a taboo story (and don't worry, there is a disclaimer that warns you at the beginning) that will keep you engaged as you flip page by page, reading everything that happens.
Her descriptions are written so well, I can practically "see" what is going on as the story unfolds.

The Wild is a story of passion, of two people (Devon and Reed) who experience a love that transcends, that evolves and that escapes the constrictions society puts on people.

It will leave you in shock as you reach each word, as you get to know the both of them and their experiences in life.

After being a K. Webster stalker/fanatic, my outlook is a little skewed already. She manages to bring a topic normally not associated with normalcy in society and creates an absolute masterpiece of a story that will make you cringe but let me tell you one thing, you will never be able to put the book down until you reach the end. She keeps your attention all the way through, and boy, if you are like me and into reading dark as well as taboo themes as much as your regular contemporary romance reads, you will love this story.

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