Review: Slammer - Tabatha Vargo

Slammer by Tabatha Vargo is a descriptively dark and deceptively hopeful story of an infirmary nurse and a murderer.
It is a forbidden romance.
Lyla and X are as different as night and day.
She is innocent, an angel of sorts, forced by circumstances to work in an environment where her life is threatened daily.  He is a lifer. Described as a psychotic murderer equal to none, one who fought to live daily.
Their chemistry is undeniable.
Their attraction, inevitable.
Their connection, morally and ethically wrong on all accounts.
Their roles are completely reversed, and yet, the attraction between these two was immediate and undeniable.
Their story, written so descriptively that I was able to “see” what they were seeing, the Xs all over X’s cell walls, the sirens that ring at every lock down, the red lights that accompany these sirens.
We get to see the world behind the prison walls, with all the corruption, the crimes hidden from society, the abuse by both correctional officers and inmates alike. We get to see the gruesome and dangerous world these prisoners live in daily.
Gang violence is everywhere, illegal fight clubs, and an enterprise that the outside world is ignorant of, a government created by these individuals that society has all but forgotten, an organization created by these lifers trying to make do with what they have.
This story is gruesome. It has scenes that for some might be extreme triggers. I have not read such a descriptive story about prison, nor was I prepared for the events that happen within the pages of this book. It is brutal and not for the faint of heart. My heart ached for some of these prisoners and the things I witnessed that they endure.
I was unprepared mentally to deal with what I would witness. I was not ready for that ending either. I was gobsmacked.
Shocked into silence.
Nothing is as it seems in this dark romantic novel about these two people who find each other in the wrong place and at the wrong time, who are forced to endure graphic scenes and get broken until just a piece of them is left.
IF you have not yet read this amazing book, do so now.
You will be seriously left in shock, your mind will be spinning all the way to the last page.
You would not want to put it down.
"Tabatha Vargo manages to captivate one’s mind as she walks us through the underbelly of the dark world of prison."
Once she grabs hold of your attention, you will not want to stop.
5 stars for this amazing read.


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