Review: The Guardian - Pamela Ann


The Guardian by Pamela Ann is a contemporary romance full of angst, pain, and heart ache.

It contains her signature style of treachery and revenge. It was hard to put down at times.

Gisele is the only child of a billionaire mogul. She is feisty, spoiled, and outspoken. Jared is the opposite, he is Gisele's father's second in command. He was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth and managed to accomplish all that he has now through hard work and dedication. He is very controlled, disciplined, and structured. He also has a heartbreaking past that we uncover as we go through their story.

At the tender age of 18, Gisele is left orphaned and these two end sacrificing a lot for the sake of her father, his mentor, and their legacy.

Their romance is tempestuous. It's angry, it's hot, it's full of a rollercoaster of emotions as they both navigate uncharted waters. There were times that I wanted to slap both of them into their senses. Their doubts made my heart ache as my head tried to catch up with the actions these doubts caused.

I enjoyed their story. It's not easy to even comprehend nor fully accept and there were a lot of things I would have liked more groveling to commence. It did feel lacking at times, which is very rare for a Pamela Ann novel. Still a huge fan of her, always will be.

As to the rating given, the other two missing stars are due to the fact that their story was lacking in a few aspects. If you've been a fan of Pamela Ann and have read her previous series, you probably will understand what I mean by that.
All in all, their story was engaging. Though painful, you are granted an HEA in the end.


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