Review: Drunk Dial by Penelope Ward

Drunk Dial is a contemporary romance by Penelope Ward with a lot of other underlying themes.

Rana Saloomi and Landon Roderick have a history. They grew up as neighbors and childhood friends. Situations intervened that caused these two to distance from each other and they lose touch.
Until one drunk night when alcohol limits inhibitions and Rana breaks down and calls Landon.

It was supposed to be one call. One confrontation. A closure of sorts. Except it didn't stop there. It blossomed unexpectedly into so much more.
Penelope Ward has crafted a story of two people who are both broken with pasts that still haunt them who unwittingly and through several phone calls across miles and miles, create an even deeper connection than the one they shared at childhood.

I immensely enjoyed their chemistry. It was fiery and strong, and this was even before they knew how each other looked physically. Their connection can be felt through the phone and since most of the scenes happened when they were miles apart, that was definitely a huge plus in getting to connect with these characters.

I did find it predictable at times but all in all, I enjoyed getting to know both Landon and Rana, their pasts that shaped them, and how they handled their present.

Definitely a 4 stars read.


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