Review: Cyanide - Ella Fields

Can we start with that amazing cover? It is absolutely eye-catchingly gorgeous.
Cyanide by Ella Fields is an explosively raw and heart-wrenchingly beautiful story of two individuals who are at opposite sides of the spectrum in the eyes of society but, who have an undeniably strong connection, a chemistry so fiery, neither one could deny.
And believe me, they both tried.
Vera isn’t your typical heroine. She isn’t meek, waiting for her prince charming. She isn’t poor, waiting for the white knight to rescue. She is rich, born with a silver spoon, spoiled, used to getting her way. But besides all that, she is strong, determined, shielded (and you’ll know what I mean by that when you get to know her character), and very frosty. Her experience with emotions like love and kindness is severely limited (almost non-existent) from childhood and on-wards. She is confident, strong-willed and outspoken. I love her.
Jared is your typical bad guy. He is rough around the edges. He definitely has a zero-fucks-given attitude and he does not hide this. He is a consummate flirt (seriously, ladies…sigh) and has a commanding presence that makes the women notice him. He is confident but also fragile, a ladies man and yet absolutely sweet when he wants to be. He is a conundrum in his own way.
Just like Vera.
Their story is stunningly beautiful in that it captivates a reader from the get-go. Their chemistry is absolutely astounding, they are passionate and it shows. The love they start to develop for each other is not instant, they fought against it and denied it as much as they could, but I like to believe, based on what I know while getting to know these two, that they are inevitable.
"All I know is I can’t get you to leave me alone.” He laughs at my confused expression.
“In my hear. You’re always there.” He sighs. “Those fucking eyes.” He moves his head back to look at me, brows furrowing. “Do you like haunting me, Frost?”
This is the very first book by Ella Fields I’ve ever had the chance to read and I love it! Cyanide is real. It’s not only a love story but a story of self-acceptance, of self-discovery, of growth. It is a story containing so many differing emotions, you need a breather after reading it. It is that good.
This panty-melting, wetness inducing, absolutely brilliant story of two people who just could not let each other go is one of the top reads of 2017. It is real. You will cry, you will hurt, you will root and you will hope, all within the pages of this book. Vera and Jared will hurt you, they will anger you, they will astound you even as they make you smile.
“That’s my girl. You remember, don’t you?” He kisses the underside of my jaw, and my head tilts back to the wall, my resolve fraying, “We are pretty hard to forget. Wanna know why?”
He licks my fluttering pulse, and I moan out a garbled, “No.”
He hums, “I’ll tell you anyway…because like any story that involves two people who fall in love, you’re my happy ending, and I’m yours.”
I fell.


For the story.

For the characters.

For their love.
If you have not read this yet, it needs to be in your TBR list. Like, yesterday.


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