Review: Villain by Jackie Wang

Villain by Jackie Wang is so many things, it's hard to describe with one word. I feel like this story can definitely be made into a movie, with all the surprises you encounter as you flip it's pages and encounter the plot twists along the way.

Ryder and Callista couldn't have been any more different if he was the moon and she was the sun. Both were born into wealthy families. That, unfortunately, is where their similarities end.

Meeting current Ryder, you wouldn't ever believe he comes from a family with money and that broke my heart entirely. His life has never been easy and we experience that reading each page, seeing his experiences and suffering.

Callista on the other hand has always known pampering and love from her father. She never knew the uncertainty Ryder felt every day.
Their meeting wasn't fate, it was planned. Their first few interactions were, I think, written in a way that made it so realistic. I loved that their story is engaging. Though I did feel like it was slow at first, their story just pulls you in.
We get to see so many characters that all play a pivotal role in Villain, that at one point in their lives fit the title to a T. We get to see lies disguised as truth and vice versa and how these two individuals face each moment with uncertainty but strength.
Villain was engaging, it was surprising, it contained truths you weren't expecting and secrets you wouldn't believe.
It's the very first book of Jackie Wang I've read and I really really liked it.


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