Review: Mercy and Mayhem by Lindsay Cross

Mercy and Mayhem is the first book of Lindsay Cross I've read....and boy am I happy I came across her link by chance and decided to get it.
It is the story of Colonel Mack Grey and Air Force pilot Marley Mitchell.
A chance meeting as two people performing a role in the success of one mission is all it takes for their story to start.
This is much more than a military romance though, it held elements of danger, mystery, action, intrigue and of course, lots of hot, steamy moments as well.
When you add two people who both have been scarred from their pasts and place them in a dangerous situation where all they can rely on is each other despite their distrustful natures, you are given an explosive story full of heat, conflict, danger, plost twists as well as lots of angst.
Both characters were written in depth. Though meeting them in this time in their lives, we get to see their past and the events that shaped them as well. That definitely added immensely to the story and how each character came to be how they are.
I loved that both H and h are trained, experienced and though not of the same level, the respect they showed each other is evident. I loved meeting an h that was also tough as nails. Despite being faced with all that extreme situations and surrounded by oure testosterone, she manages to hold her own ground.
I loved meeting a tough-as-nails alpha H who also knew how and when to show his compassionate side.

Their story isn't easy, it's complicated, it's conflicted, there are secrets, lots of doubts and distrust all over, add a lot of heat and intense chemistry and you get an explosion of feelings all the way through, til the last page.
I loved Mack and Marley's story so much. I read books to experience the world in them and this served that purpose 100%.
I cannot say enough good things about this book. If you like romance, alpha males, stubborn females and a lot of conflict mixed with a chemistry so strong, you feel the burn through the pages, then this book is for you.


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