Review: Burn Before Reading by Sara Wolf

Burn Before Reading is the first of Sara Wolf's books I've read, and I enjoyed it immensely.
It is a YA story involving an amazingly selfless girl and her high school experiences.

Let me start by saying I loved all the complexities of each character. Beatrix Cruz, who is our heroin, is such a strong and selfless young woman, which is hard to find in girls her age. She learns to handle massive amounts of responsibility at her young age due to her family situation. Now, I do not want to divulge any of that but let's just say she basically gives up on her dreams to help her family as best as she knew how.
Let's move on to the Blackthorn brothers. If there was ever a group of oppossites, these three definitely contained them. Fitz Blackthorn, the charming hacker in the family, Burn Blackthorn is what I described as the muscle in the family, but and stoic, and then we have Wolfgang, drop dead gorgeous but absolutely a mystery to people. Let's keep in mind they are all hot. Most popular group of boys in Lakecrest. They are practically their own clique.

From the very beginning, you can tell that our lead heroin and these three brothers' paths will likely cross in the future, and boy, did it.
I loved that Bee built a relationship with each of the brothers, each uniquely their own special bond. She had chemistry with all three of them, which was perfect for the relationships they were leaning towards.

I enjoyed how Ms. Wolf took us on a journey of discovering each individual character through their daily experiences as well as the layers with which she revealed each character to have, specially the way she wrote the brothers. They were shrouded in mystery, lots of it too, and peeling each of those was a very fun read.

Obviously, with every book, there is a conflict whether it is a mistake, a secret, a misunderstanding, or a lie. In this case, it's all of those combined. I did enjoy the conflict that they all faced, specially considering these characters are all still young, still living their high school lives at that and all the thoughts that lead to their decisions.

All in all, I enjoyed reading Burn Before Reading. I felt the jealousy, the confusion, the denials, the butterflies in your tummy, the hurt, the friendship, and the acceptance.

It was a really engrossing read, like looking back into your past and reliving high school all over again.


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