Review: 100 Proof by Shanora Williams

100 Proof is heart wrenching.

 It's painful.

It's hot.

It makes you feel hopeful and it'll tear that hope right off.

It will make you feel EVERYTHING.
It's angst-ridden. #angstyAF
It is also absolutely amazing.
It includes topics of taboo.
Dark Secrets.

Vin Chambers, though having a pretty well off mother, grew up with painful secrets; the likes of which you can't ever imagine.
Marley isn't as well off. She's from an even more unstable family that also contains their own ugly, dirty secrets.
When these two broken souls collide, it's a collision of epic proportions.
Both are broken but both cover this up seamlessly, both influence each other equally.

Except one is more destructive than the other. One is more unstable, weaker. This weakness, more than anything, breaks them apart.
The next time these two meet, someone else stands between them. Lloyd.
How do you react to having seen the woman of your dreams, your soulmate, aftee three years of silence and she's the fiance of your brother, a brother you hate with every fiber of your being ? How do you cope?
When Vin finally sets his sights on his brother's fiance, his heart breaks. That was his woman. HIS.
This story was painful to read, but it will make you feel. Shanora will literally rip your heart out of your chest, she will rub salt on that would, before allowing you a glimpse of sunshine.
I read this story in one sitting, no breaks, despite the fact that I had to be up in just a few hours.
That's how enthralling it is. It pulls you in.
Vin and Marley are meant to be together, they are two pieces of puzzle, and sometimes, puzzle pieces get separated, but somehow, there's always a place for one next to the other.


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