Review: Pretty Lost Dolls by K. Webster and Ker Dukey

Benny had a dolly who was sick, sick, sick.
Just like him, his dolly needed darkness as a fix, fix, fix.
So they tormented and hunted and played tricks, tricks, tricks.
Together their sins a lethal mix, mix, mix.
Until Benny missed his dolly who was lostlostlost
He needed to find her and love her at any cost, cost, cost. 
Not wanting him and his dolly to be alone, lone, lone.
He made plans to bring his dirty dolly, home, home, home.
Have you ever touched another’s soul with the essence of your own, breathed them in so they become apart of you? 
I have.
Finally starting to live, feel and fall in love, amongst all the chaos surrounding me.
Dropping my guard and letting another into my heart.
I left my soul open. 
I left my heart open. 
I left the door open.
And he stole me. 
Dillon…I’m sorry.


There are seriously no words for this masterpiece. Is it a romance? Yes. Is it just a romance? No. It's way more than that.
Pretty Lost Dolls is the finale of Pretty Stolen Dolls by the authors Ker Dukey and K. Webster.
*Before reading PLD, read PSD first to understand the whole story.

PLD continues where PSD left off, with Jade back in Benny's clutches while Dillon scrambles to find her before it's too late. The things Jade would go through are hard to witness, they were hard to digest, but the way both authors described them made me feel like I was there, a bystander, a fly on the wall, and though it was hard to stomach, I couldn't help but be amazed at the authors' ingenuity.
I felt everything while reading their story. I felt anger, sadness, hopelessness, elation, pain, shock, hope and everything in between.
We see more of Benny's back story in this book. Though I don't condone his actions, I see how he became Benny, how his past dictated his present. How is past still dictates his present. He is such a twisted, cringe-worthy character but written so well with several layers we get to uncover, that you're compelled to dive deeper, to find out more, to try to understand the hows and the whys. He fits an "un-subs" description to a T, it's amazing. He was the perfect "Benny" to Jade.
Jade on the other hand is still as strong as ever. If you've read the first book (and I hope you did), you'll get to understand how she ends up the strong and resilient young woman she is. She stands strong through every single test, every trial, and every pain. She was written so masterfully, her strengths and weaknesses coincide with each other so well and it makes her such a strong but relatable character.
Though I don't want to give too much of the plot and twists away, I can definitely say this book will take you places, both good and bad. The emotions it will invoke will stay with you long after you went through what these complex characters are going through.
It is gruesome, bloody and graphic at times, but that's what makes it so good. It's written in a way where we not only read the letters that make up the words but we actually get to "see" and witness the events as they unfold.
I was dying for this book. When the first one ended, I was hoping this was out already because I knew it would be great. It was the perfect sequel to Benny and his dirty Dolls.
Ker Dukey and Kristi Webster exceeded expectations with the closure of Benny, Jade and Dillon's story.
Definitely a must read for people who crave dark romance, who crave reading the thrill and the suspense as you flip through every page.
Pretty Lost Dolls is gruesome, it's descriptive, captivating and enthralling all at once. It's a suspenseful story full of complex characters and situations that will make your heart race.
A definite must-read... Though I've been anxiously awaiting this book, I feel a little sad that their story has finished.


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