Review: Off the Rails by Jill Sorenson


Off the Rails is a story of an undercover ICE agent and a Mexican woman. Complicated, huh? You can say that again.. This story is not only romance, it's action packed with adventure and violence written in.

Ian Foster is currently an ICE agent in the US who is being sent to Mexico as undercover. He met Maria Santos four years earlier when he was working as a border patrol officer. He found her left for dead after a tragic event happened to her and from then, had always felt the connection he has with her. Off the Rails is the story of how these two unlikely-paired characters work together, through their chemistry, through their issues, to reach a goals that are both important to them.
Conflicts face them at every turn, Ian being an ICE agent and trying his best to not get in trouble with his post and Maria being a Mexican citizen. The premise was interesting and got my attention from the get-go.

The story itself was hard to connect with. It started off slow and we enter in the midst of their story. Though bits and pieces of their back story is given, I felt like I missed such a huge part of it. From what I learned after reading this, it's better to read "Caught in the Act" first as "Off the Rails" picks up right where that left off.
This review is based off of the fact that I have not read anything regarding these two characters prior. It was hard to connect with them as I didn't feel much of what brought them together in the first place. This book didn't delve much into their past besides little descriptions here and there of how they met and the events they both went through together and alone.
The writing itself was great and very descriptive. It was full of action with heated scenes in between.

The characters were very realistic, which I loved. Their conflict was felt throughout the story as they both faced the improbability of being together.
All in all, I would rate this a three star because, though it was slow at first, I did enjoy the the writing itself.


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