Review: Author Anonymous by E.K. Blair

"This is my escape; these are my moments of freedom. I love my home life, but I love this life too."


She’s an author. 
She’s a mother.

She’s a wife. 
She’s a fraud, a woman marked and bound by her own deceit.

Experience the astounding tale of how Anonymous battled through a year of scandals and betrayals, how her world fell from its axis with a single choice, and how she lost herself between reality and fantasy. 

God, where do I even start? This story delves through every single feeling, from lust, love, deceit, trust, pain, suffering, tragedy and betrayal.
It was addicting. I just started it and couldn't put it down. It carries out all our fantasies. It's so realistic that it hurts as well as compels. The premise is so real that you can't help but feel.
This story raises questions about your moral compass and what you think you believe is right. It delves so much deeper into what it is to feel and be human.
I felt for Tori, I really did. She was in a huge dilemma, pulled on all sides by both her loyalty and her desires. She was in a tragic story of her own making and it was heart-wrenching.
I literally felt confused, and to be honest, I was rooting for her and Alec. They're connection was so beautifully described that it was easier to feel the disconnect between her and her husband.
The thing about this story is that it makes you question what you thought you believed it. It blurs the lines, it isn't  black and white any more, but shades of grey in between. It also brings to light the realities of what people do feel and what society makes them believe they should feel.
The characters are extremely complex and yet written so well, we see every facet of their person.  We felt every confusion Tori went through, every pain and worry Brooke felt for her, and every fear Tori questioned.  Although we don't really get to see Alec's point of view much, I could imagine the pain he felt as well, having no choice in their situation.
Was it right, what everyone did? Honestly, I couldn't tell. What is was, though, is human.
This story will bring you through an emotional roller coaster that will keep you flipping from page to page burying to see what the conclusion was.
E.K. Blair wrote of a woman who did what you thought of doing, who had the courage to ask the questions some of you thought of asking but never did. She wrote the story of a woman who was brave enough to try what she felt was right for her even though opposition and the constraints of society.
This is the story of someone who followed her desires, through pain and suffering. It's a story some women have thought of doing but never really doing. It's a story of fantasies. The only problem is, this is someone's reality.
I don't want to spoil it for anyone but I can say this, if you are looking for a story to draw you in, to make you feel and to experience differing highs and lows, this would be it.
This is the first book of E.K. Blair I've ever read but it was written so beautifully she's definitely one of my TBR authors.


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