Review: The Rhythm of Your Heartbeat by Elle Ellerton

I didn't mean to fall in love with him; it wasn't planned – quite the opposite.
I planned to hate him forever.

Isn't that how you're supposed to feel about the person who killed your big brother?
I couldn't stand the sight of him… Right up until I couldn't stand not seeing him.
I don't know the exact moment it happened; the moment when I betrayed my dead brother for his murderer.
That's just it, though: I never truly believed he was a murderer, did I?
No, I didn't, and I'm going to tell you why.
Disclaimer: This is an upper-young adult/new adult romance novel, intended for mature readers.

This was the first time I’ve ever read any book by this author. The blurb was  interesting, I was dying to see how the story would play out.
This is Annaleigh and Blake’s story. Annaleigh met Blake through her brother Jase, and they’ve all been inseparable since. She’s always felt something for Blake, something far more than  friendship though they both didn’t act on it out of respect for Jase.
The premise of the story was very intriguing. How do you catch feelings, feelings other than anger, hatred, and revenge, for the person you believe murdered your only brother?  How are you supposed to feel when the person you and your family trusted above all else was the only suspect in your brother’s murder?
Annaleigh was a very hurt, lost, and confused young woman. Her sadness over Jase’s death coupled with her dying curiosity to investigate who committed the crime, if it was Blake, the whys overcame her life after the event of his death.  I couldn't even begin to explain the differing emotions I felt while reading their story.
Blake was Jase's right-hand man. They were inseparable, and the whole town knew it.  Jase's death made Blake the pariah in town. People talk about him, they gossip about the whys, the hows and everything in between. Since the incident, his life was never the same. Everything, from his home life with his mom to his social life, has been turned upside down.
This is the story of how love did conquer all, a sweet story about young romance full of lust, trials, confusion, and heat, because yes, there are some racy moments between both Anna and Blake, which I loved. But really, the best part is Blake's character. This young man is a gentleman through and through. His concern, his care, and his love for Anna shows in absolutely everything he does for her.
"I wouldn't want just anybody in my bed, though. I only wanted her. I'd rather freeze my ass off than hold anyone else intimately" - Blake Ash
I loved that we get snippets of the past to see how and why things are the way they are in the current time. I love that Blake and Annaleigh's relationship was written in such a way that you can feel the depth. Yes, they are teenagers, but the fact that they go through the trials and emotions they do make them feel more mature than most.
Did I forget to mention there's mystery in the story as well? I loved that!
This story is full of emotional turmoil ranging from caring friendship to confusion and distrust, to trust and love and everything in between.
Will I read more stories from this author? Yes, I loved the emotional feel she was able to convey through her words.


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