Review: Turbulence by Whitney G.

He and I met under a cloud of clichés:

Boy meets girl. Boy charms girl. Boy screws girl

Our story was supposed to end right after the orgasms, right after we went our separate ways.
But then we saw each other again...
And neither of us could walk away.

Our rules were simple.
Our passion was scandalous.
Our hearts were supposed to be safe...

But when you find something so all-consuming--something so intoxicating and inescapable, you'll risk everything you've ever had, even if you're destined to crash and burn.

This is us.
This is our messed up love.
This is turbulence.

Turbulence is an erotic romance from Whitney Gracia Williams. It has her signature style stamped all over it.
It's the story of Captain Jake Weston (pilot) and Gillian (flight attendant) who meet completely by chance and yet, feels like it's fated.
Gillian is such a spitfire. She knows what she wants and deserves and she stands firm by that. She's not someone to give in easy, in fact she stands up for herself a lot. She's a strong character all on her own and this makes her the perfect person for Jake.
Jake on the other hand is a cocky, self-absorbed jerk. Yes, I said it. He's a jerk, but he's also accepting of this fact. The thing is, he has something to be cocky about, and he knows how to get what he wants. His family life is nothing to boast about and so, he likes to stay away from any type of relationship. 
He's stinking rich, she was holding two jobs and yet, when these two meet by happenstance on a rooftop party, all of that fell away, well, at least for the night.
Except it didn't stay one night. In fact, what they had bloomed into an affair that will continually shake things up for both Jake and Gillian. They practically burn everything they touch. Their chemistry is off the charts, their personalities are perfect, the way they banter with each other is amazing.
Jake finds himself blurring the lines of the rules he makes, but only for Gillian. There's just something about her. For the cocky, commitment-phobe Jake, Gillian was a conundrum. He couldn't understand why he was so drawn to her but neither could he let her go.
But Jake doesn't trust easy and this creates conflict between these two.
Read it, you are seriously going to love the story!


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