Review: Selfless - Alyson Reynolds

Amanda Connelly wants a family. She’s ready to trade her glamorous life in for bottles and diapers, with or without a man. Too bad her plans abruptly come to a stop when her high school ex comes flying back into her life. Now he’s talk`ing about a future when she’s not even sure she can forgive him for the past. 

Rhys Brooks wants his girl back. Amanda was supposed to be the one he spent the rest of his life with until he screwed it up by leaving. The only problem with his plan is that she’s all grown up and stubborn as hell. The chemistry between them is stronger than ever, but will Amanda be able to forgive him for leaving her in the first place? 

This is the first book of Alyson Reynolds' I've read, I believe it is the 3rd book in her series though.
Rhys and Amanda, or Mandi as close friends and family calls her, have been together since their younger years. They are high school sweethearts and always believed they will Grow old together, with a fa,ily of their own. Unfortunately, things don't go as planned due to several circumstances.
Rhys has a deep fear in him, fear he couldn't voice out to Amanda but fear that causes him to run away. This of course, upsets Amanda. She tries to move on and seems to be ok with it until 12 years later when they see each other as adults.
Past hurts and abandonment issues bring about current insecurities that threaten to tear these lovers apart.
Frankly, Rhys is a mess. At the beginning, he stands firm by what he believed he needed to do at the time but 12 years later, when they are given a second chance by fate, he still shows hints of indecisiveness.

I loved that Mandi knew what she wanted. Though hurt and angered by past events, she tries her hardest to move on, to try to accept what she knows she needs.
I was so mad at Rhys in certain parts. I think the way he was acting was immature, even 12 years later. I get that they were both insecure in each other, not knowing where each stands, but he's giving me whiplash at times, I could just imagine what he's giving Mandi.

Can these two find an HEA after all the hurt they have caused each other?

Alyson Reynolds has written a tasteful tale of second chance romance between two fated people who met at the wrong time, but who's lives are intertwined together by fate. Through the passing of time and conflicts, they manage to find each other and the love they've always shared.
A sweet read, I liked it.

The reason for the 3 star being is that the pace of the story, at times, went fast and it felt a lot like certain parts were missing.


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