Review: My Russian Beast by Marian Tee

Professionally accomplished but socially awkward, Fredericka Spears can’t ask for anything else in her life except for one thing – to know the pleasure of a man’s possession. The truth is, she’s tired of being a virgin. She’s tired of pleasuring herself while fantasizing about a man she can never have. 
A man who’s beautiful, powerful, and well six years younger--- 
Like she says: he’s a man she can’t ever have. 
To put an end to her agony and stupid fantasies, Fredericka decides to take a lover, but guess who volunteers for the job? 
The beautiful, powerful, and younger Russian billionaire Sergei Grachyov – also known as that man she can’t ever have. 
Note: My Russian Beast is a hot full-length standalone (no-cliffhanger) billionaire romance. It also includes Book 1 of my Russian stepbrother romance trilogy, When I Moan.

Have you ever read a romance where the woman is older than the man? It's really not common but it is present. This is one such story.
Fredericka Spears is a 29 y/o lawyer. Sergei Grachyov is a 23 y/o billionaire

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These two people, who are such unlikely partners, managed to meet (by fate, I'd like to say) while both were present on dates.  There's just something about Fredericka (who was trying to flirt unsuccessfully with her professor at the time, btw...) that was like a draw to Sergei. She intrigued him, something he hasn't felt for a woman in, well, forever.
If you've read Vassi and Seri's books, you'd know the main reason why these brothers are guarded, specially with women.
Just as Sergei is guarded, Fredericka is as well, specially with the difference in age. Her parents weren't exactly the best example when it comes to being in a relationship with huge age differences, this colored the way she view the world.
When these two meet, ✨✨ sparks ✨✨ started to fly. Their chemistry was vibrant, it was present through the pages. It was present within them, and they both knew it too. This leads to very hot, and I mean  🔥🔥 HOT 🔥🔥, sheets on fire. There was never any question regarding the chemistry and connection between them despite the difference in age.
I love that Sergei knew what and who he wants. He never wavered, though there were times that he let emotion take control (which causes conflicts that I love so much), he still knew who he wants to be with. Fredericka on the other hand, being the older of the two, was much more hesitant to accept what has been staring them in the face, which again, causes conflict and lots of angst. Trust me, you will feel it.
I felt their pain through the pages, as I clicked on my kindle screen, dying to figure out what happens next, I felt the pain, the confusion, the hurt and anger.
If you've been a fan of Marian Tee as long as I have (I've read every book, and she has some awesome series too) you should know that her books contains lots of jealousy, serious conflicts, angst, betrayal, lust, and love. This story shows that. Though there are some scenes that made me mad, I felt the emotions she portrayed through the characters, and that, I think is what makes a book great.


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