Review: Divine Conspiracy - Rose Hudson

Two hearts lost to their pasts...
Brought together by chance.. 
Torn apart by Destiny.
I guess I'll never know if my life is driven by fate or just a series of coincidence. But what I do know is the first time I looked at Erin, I didn’t care which of the two it was that brought her to me. Because being with her is the one right thing I’ve done—until my past proved me wrong and came back for us both.

I read this story in preparation for the release of Divine Redemption in a few days. This story, first off, is a really realistic one. A single mother relocating to a new place to build a life for her and her child meets a hunky guy that melts her underwear off.
We are introduced to Erin and Patrick. Two absolutely wonderful but hurt people due to their pasts. Both characters are strong, they are perfect for each other, like two puzzle pieces finally finding their way back next to each other, fitting their parts together.

Erin is a strong, feisty woman, she's independent (had to be being a single mom for most of her life). She's industrious and a hard worker and this pays off as we see all the accomplishments she achieved in her life.

Patrick is a strong man trying to escape his past. Because of this, he's been keeping everyone at arms length. He owns his own business since he moved far away from his past and trying to rebuild a life away from it. He's a hot-ass guy with grey eyes (I wish I could see, btw) and a strong sense of responsibility. He's Aldo's edgy and caring and fun. Who wouldn't want Patrick.
Within their small town, he meets Erin.
Sparks fly between the two from the get go. Their camaraderie and their reactions to each other are amazing. The way they are able to read each little movement or feeling from each other is unique, some would say it's what soul mates are. I would say they're right, Erin and Patrick are soulmates. You can feel that within their pages.
These two scarred people find each other unexpectedly but inevitably in a heart-warming story that will make you smile, get angry, and burn as you read through every word.
What will happen when their past comes to catch up to them?

Find out in the next book, Divine Redemption!


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