Hello Fall 2016

September but today, I felt fall in the air. It’s crazy how time flies and though this summer was productive and I’d gotten a lot done in just a few months, I still can’t believe we are entering winter soon. I still remember getting excited when I felt the air getting warmer, getting excited for beach days and barbeques, for picnics and bike rides, for having coffee in outdoor settings and roof top GNOs. Soon, it’ll be all about cozy scarves, warm coffees and booties.

Last week, I’ve had several ups and hangovers, book hang-overs that is. El Diablo by M. Robinson was released last Tuesday, August 30th and let me tell you, Alejandro Martinez is one book boyfriend that’s hard to let go of.
Then I read Ghost by A. Zavarelli. It’s a dark romance. Some people might not be comfortable with certain areas of the story but it was written amazingly, so if you are into that, definitely give it a try. We all love an over protective alpha-male, after all ;)
In between these, I read three ARC novels which were light and perfect for a summer read, with conflicts of course. (Because I love drama! lol)
Now, as I’m prepping for the official end of summer, and another work week, I'm also diving into Turbulence by Whitney G.
Click here for her website if you want to learn more.
Also, her Reasonable Doubt series is a must-read! Check it out! Also, Click Here to see my review on it.
I've also started a new challenge for me. I've signed up for the InkItt Writing Challenge just as a way to push myself more. So yay me! If you're an aspiring writer, you should definitely check it out.
Anyway, what are you guys reading?
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