Living Through Books

My younger sister always wondered why I would rather sit in a corner quietly with a paperback in my hand than do anything else. I used to tell her there were times I would hide from our mom as she didn't want me reading the books I was reading or that I would escape bedtime by closing the door and just reading, sometimes until 5 in the morning.
The Temptress by Jude Deveraux was the very first romance novel I've read. I was in fifth grade at the time. I remember the days before when I used to scoff at my older sister for spending her days inside a book rather than enjoying life, not knowing the allure of books, still ignorant to the idea of living lives, different ones, through the stories within said books.
It wasn't until she lent me one, the very one you see within the picture to the left, that I finally understood.

It took over me, fully. I was obsessed with owning and reading as much books as I can, I would place it behind the chair of a classmate sitting in front of me so as to not alert the teacher that I wasn't really listening to her, instead, I was engrossed inside the story in the book I was reading.
The Temptress included many different genres, the main one being romance, it had adventure (heroine was kidnapped), it had passion (oh boy, did it have that in spades!) and it had hurt, but it also had love.

These days I could barely remember every scene that happened, but the theme, the plot, the story, and the characters, stayed with me through the years.
I am now living my 27th year in this earth, years and years passed since the first paperback I ever owned was in my hand. I've lived through the time of paperback books and hardcovers, to what I now call my salvation, the Kindle. I am always asked why I decide to read hours and hours for weeks. My response was always the same.

Reading makes me feel alive. I've been in situations of kidnapping, of parties I've never seen in real life. I've been in the presence of royalty around the world, traversing through Africa and the jungles of South America. I've lived in Europe, Russia, and different Asian countries. I've lived through the Victorian era, I've felt what it was to wear corsets, lived through the time when women were frowned upon for being independent, where they were frowned upon for being forward and bold.
I've lived all these, and I'm only 7 years past 20.

That's why I read. I don't do it to avoid life, I do it to experience more of life.
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