Cover Reveal: The Glue by K. Webster

The Glue

by K Webster
Publication Date: September 5, 2018
Genres: Taboo Treat
I’m a fixer. A lover. Always searching for the right fit.
And I come up empty every time.
My desires are unusual.
I don’t feel whole until I’m in the middle, holding it all together.
Which makes having a romantic relationship really difficult.

Until them.
Two people. An unraveling marriage. Love on the rocks.
And they want me.
To put them back together again.

Problem is, once they’re fixed, where does that leave me?
I sure as hell hope I stick like glue.

***This story is MMF.***

About K. Webster

K Webster is the author of dozens romance books in many different genres including contemporary romance, historical romance, paranormal romance, and erotic romance. When not spending time with her husband of twelve years and two adorable children, she’s active on social media connecting with her readers.

Her other passions besides writing include reading and graphic design. K can always be found in front of her computer chasing her next idea and taking action. She looks forward to the day when she will see one of her titles on the big screen.

Review: Lost Boy by M. Robinson


I literally started and finished Lost Boy the same day, and the only reason why it took a day was because of all the adulting that took time away from what was important, which is getting to know Noah and Skylar.

El Pecador, the book M. Robinson released before this was amazing that I knew it would be hard to top... but by God, never underestimate her as, in my opinion, that was definitely topped.

My heart hasn't stopped hurting since starting this book. She truly wrings the feelings out of you: hurt, anger, sadness, hopelessness, love, lust, and everything in between... I bled for these two. I know, from glimpses of Noah in previous books that he was going to be a painful one, but I wasn't expecting excruciating.

Their story isn't what you imagine it to be (if you thought you knew). The events that happen to these two people who are seemingly from opposite parts of the tracks will break you, repeatedly. Time and time again. Foreboding will fill you up as you flip from one page to the next and yet what you thought you know isn't what it seems.

I had to literally take a breather, several in fact, while reading this to avoid looking like a blubbering mess in the train.

Lost Boy is a must read, for everyone. It is a heartbreakingly beautiful story of love, loss, family and life. It is enthralling and painful to witness, but for the life of you, you can't seem to put it down.

Their story will draw you in so bad, it'll hurt. The good kind of hurt. The best kind! If you love books that make you hurt, want to slap the characters (and at times, the author), make you cry for them, scream at them, curse at them and everything in between, then this story is for you.

Nothing is predictable. Everything is felt.

The perfect telling of Noah and Skylar as only M. Robinson can tell.

Review: Tattered by Melody Anne

We’ve seen Kaden and Miranda’s side

Now its Mason’s turn. We get to see more of Mason and Miranda’s past: his beginning, their beginning, their lives, and their end. Nothing is kept hidden between the pages of their story from Mason’s POV. We get to see the nitty-gritty, the secrets, we get to delve deeper into the hints from the first book, and we get to see how being in love can consume and how one can grow from being in love to love.

Reading this, my heart hurt. It’s not easy witnessing the dissolution of one’s marriage, whether its fictional or not and this, written with just the perfect amount of emotion, of realness, was heartbreaking. I felt hurt for Mason and the struggles he went through by himself and with Miranda. No marriage is perfect, by any means and certainly not theirs but Tattered reveals the depth in which a marriage with love can dissolve into memories.

I enjoyed seeing his growth as well as his side of the events that unfolded in book 1. I loved witnessing his motions of facing doubts, of indecision, insecurities and what not and the fact that this story was written so realistically, it could be happening to you or someone you know.

Melody Anne introduces us to a story of growth, of changes, of marriage and what can happen to one over time.

This story isn’t here to make you condone the actions of these three. It’s here to bear witness and not to convince.

It pulls you in. I was hooked, dying to see how these three can move on from all the events of the first book. There is no conclusion though, and I guess that’s where I felt it was lacking.


Review: Brock by Dani Rene


This is an unconventional story about love.

It is about love.
It is about being in-love.
It is about growing in-love.

This story is not your typical romance but it is a romance.

Brock and Ethan has always shared a connection no one in their family has. They have been each other’s rock at every moment in their lives and they have always witnessed each other’s life, the past, the present, the pain and the sorrow. This formed a bond between them that, I believe, nothing can really break.

Dani has written such a masterful story of two individuals who’s love for each other knows no bounds or judgements. Their feelings have been growing and all it took was one push for them to delve into what they’ve always known was between them.

Camila’s entry into their world was just the perfect piece they were looking for. She completes them as they each do for her. They each complement the other in individually different ways which worked perfectly for such an unconventional relationship.

But when its love.


Now let's talk about why I love this story. I loved it because through every scene, love is felt. I loved it for its underlying theme of love being open to anything, with no judgements or rules. I loved the romance it contained, the feelings it evoked and just the story in itself.

To me, this is the epitome of what a love story is.


Review: Hayden by J.D. Hollyfield

The oldest of the Pearson brothers.

Glimpses of Hayden from previous books was an enigma. We don’t really know much about him and his thoughts are hidden.

He’s a conundrum. A bad-ass with a twist.

I wasn’t expecting what happens in this book but as I was reading, I realized his story delivered exactly what I wanted from him and his story. I loved every single moment, every thought, every danger and weakness he showed.
I also loved the tough persona exterior that is all him.

Hayden is the oldest and, at the unexpected death of their father, becomes the majority shareholder in his multi-billion dollar business. This forces him to step into one of the toughest roles he’s ever had to face. He also has to not only keep everything running smoothly, he serves as the glue for his family, he becomes their guardian. A leader of sorts. I absolutely adored his story and could not put it down. There are no excuses for his actions, for his decisions, for his words but we get to see why he is the way that he is, why he reacts that way and that despite their ignorance, majority of his decisions are always with family in mind.

I really hurt for him and the sacrifices he has had to make for his family, the way it tore him up, choosing what he believed was right for them or his other half. I absolutely loved seeing the conflict he faced because this makes him more human. He doesn’t show it much to the outside world but when it comes to Katie, he is all human, all conflicted, all afflicted. She has the power to hurt him, to break him, to wound him. She also held the power to save him.

These two characters are perfect for each other. Their connection, their doubts and their pain was evident.
The issue isn’t whether they feel for each other, the issue is whether they will make it.

Love love love this story! And gah! The scenes between them are seriously fiery…

Review: Eternity by Erin Noelle (Duet Book 2)


Book 2 (read Expire first to understand their story).

Here we are, back in the lives of Tavian and Lyra. Despite now being back in their everyday lives, their connection is still as strong as ever, strong enough to bring them together despite being from two different states.
Here, the secrets are revealed (and boy, that plot twist was unexpected)…

Danger, love, lust, and self-growth are all within this book.

I loved the conclusion, the challenges they placed and the things they conquered. I really enjoyed their story and loved every minute of witnessing their growth into loving each other while they learn to accept themselves.

Review: Coach Long by K. Webster


Coach Long is one of the books I’ve been waiting since I saw glimpses of them in other K. Webster taboo treats. Granted, its not as taboo as her other books but dang it, that woman can write an explicitly forbidden romance like no other.

This book is H-O-T-T-T!!!

This is Coach Long and River’s story. She is a newly accepted student in the school he coaches in and he is, well, he is her coach, trainer, etc (in the track). The attraction was instantaneous and fiery and I loved every second of it.

Some of the scenes here would make grown men blush. Kristi sure knows how to write them real hot.

Again, not as taboo or as crazily forbidden like some of her books but still has that element of the forbidden that adds just a hint of wow…

I enjoyed this read (as I always do when it comes to her books) and can’t wait for the next time she decides to take us down the rabbit hole once again…


Review: Expire by Erin Noelle (Duet - Book 1)


Can we take a moment to admire the cover? I mean, it just describes this book to a T.

This is Book 1 of a duet by Erin Noelle and the first of her books I’ve ever read, and I loved it.

The plot is so unique. Unbelievably so. How would you handle knowing that you are privy to the exact dates everyone around you dies and yet you are powerless to stop it?

This is Lyra’s life. Due to this, she has lived a life of recluse, hiding behind her camera to avoid people at all costs.
That is, until Tavian.

Their story is sweet. It builds up as these two navigate the waters of letting each other into their lives. How do you learn to love someone, knowing that that person dies at an exact day?

From their first meeting, Tavian knew Lyra was special, and he embraced that. He just knew.

That ending though! Wow! I wasn’t expecting that.

This book is about self discovery. Its about adventure, friendship, growth with lust, chemistry, and differing emotions in between. I loved Tavian, he couldn’t be any more perfect for Lyra.

If you love a story where love builds from a connection so strong, it couldn’t be denied, then I do recommend this.

It has a hint of mystery, lots of heat and most importantly, lots of feelings.